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Mammoth Indigo Release New Single ‘Anywhere, Anymore’

Mammoth Indigo Release New Single ‘Anywhere, Anymore’

Mammoth Indigo Release New Single 'Anywhere, Anymore'

Los Angeles indie rock band Mammoth Indigo have released their new single titled, “Anywhere, Anymore.” Produced by Zach Jones (Make Them Suffer, Chelsea Grin), the track follows the band’s 2018 album release, Wilt.

“I originally wrote this chorus about a close friend of mine who was in the hospital awaiting word from doctors whether or not her arm would need to be amputated due to a heroin-caused bacterial infection,” says vocalist, Cody Bowers. “I asked her why she resorts to drugs for comfort, her reply, “daddy issues”, hence the lyric. I didn’t know then how this song would encapsulate more than I originally intended with today’s current events. The confusion of a child experiencing isolation during the pandemic, a child of color questioning what it means to be black in America…and for a parent to not always have a comforting answer. I hope this song can bring a little bit of light, or ubiquity to the human experience right now. I want people to know that being lonely is ironically, a universal feeling that we go through all at once all at the same time, together.”

“Anywhere, Anymore” is available on music streaming platforms.

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