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Make Friends Figure Out What is Real: Interview

Make Friends Figure Out What is Real: Interview

Building off the success of their single “Fever” which was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing show with Gemma Bradley, Make Friends has released their retrospective new EP Is This Real. Listen to the EP here.

The band previously shared three tracks “Sleep Sound,” “Call Me Out,” and “Safe To Say,” offering a look at the five-track collection. The EP serves as a preview for their long-awaited debut album, due out next year.

About the EP, Make Friends said, “Our new EP is a culmination of songs written during the tumultuous period of the last year and a half or so. The title ‘Is This Real’ is a statement that reflects the frantic and surreal nature of recent events that have become the norm in our day to day lives. These songs present a change in our thoughts and feelings, and the mental challenges we’ve experienced.”

On the heels of the release, Make Friends will set out on a headlining tour in December in the UK. Tickets are now available here.

Learn more about Make Friends and how Is This Real came to life in the Q&A below.

VACANCY: Can you share who Make Friends is and what listeners should know about you as a band?

MAKE FRIENDS: Make Friends are a 4-piece Indie/Alternative rock outfit hailing from Bristol. We’re inspired by bands such as the Indie giants Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club, as well as older legends acts such as The Cure and The Police.

VACANCY: What is the intention behind your latest EP “Is This Real” and does the lead single suggest a sample for upcoming works?

MAKE FRIENDS: Our new EP is all about our experiences of being thrown into a post-COVID world as a band and dealing with the change and the isolation. It’s also about learning to deal with everything that’s going on in the world right now. 

The title track ‘Is This Real’ is a sign of our songwriting changing. In this song, we combine the delicate and stripped back style of the tracks we first wrote in lockdown with the classic high energy sound of a Make Friends tune written all together in a room. This fusion is something we intend to use with new songs going forward. 

VACANCY: What has kept your interest in making music as the world has gone through big shifts? 

MAKE FRIENDS: For one thing, we can’t picture ourselves doing anything else! We all love creating and performing music so much that we refuse to let anything get in the way of it. We wrote a lot of our favourite songs to date during lockdown, with Hesitate being the first and that track had us excited about the idea of writing more tunes remotely.

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Not being able to perform for over a year was taxing as that’s such a huge part of why we do what we do, but rather than letting it get to us we kept dreaming of the moment we’d first walk back on to that stage and it kept us going through the difficult times. 

VACANCY: With live shows resuming, what can fans expect from listening to your music live?

MAKE FRIENDS: Our gigs are all about energy and putting an unforgettable show. A lot of our tunes really come alive when we play them in front of a crowd, and we people saying to their mates ‘You have to see Make Friends live!”. 

VACANCY: Thinking about what is ahead, what does that look like for Make Friends?

MAKE FRIENDS: At the moment we’re gearing up for the EP release on Nov 26th and our December tour, but after that we’re going to take some time to work on more new tunes we’ve got lined up. Aiming to keep the ball rolling in 2022, starting with some new songs but definitely also planning more shows too!

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