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Maisie Peters Releases New Song ‘Psycho’

Maisie Peters Releases New Song ‘Psycho’

After signing with Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records, Maisie Peters has released her brand-new single, “Psycho.” Co-written with Sheeran and Steve Mac, the track will be available on her debut album, You Signed Up For This arriving on August 27. The album is available for pre-order here

“Psycho” finds an empowered Peters reflecting on toxic relationships and gaslighting exes. She explains, “‘Psycho’ tells a dramatic story of someone whose lies catch up to them, and who seem to feel very little when they hurt other people. I think this is something near enough everyone in the world can relate to, myself included.” 

In the cinematic music video, co-written by Peters and director Louis Bhose (Loyle Carner, Arlo Parks), we follow her as she masterminds a plan to confuse her cheating ex, by enlisting a rotating group of women to play her. 

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The new release follows her previous singles “John Hughes Movie,” and the Trying: Season 2 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack), which she wrote and curated entirely last winter while working on You Signed Up For This. 

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