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maddi jean Releases New EP ‘Last Born’ and Single ‘night alone’

maddi jean Releases New EP ‘Last Born’ and Single ‘night alone’

maddi jean (Maddi Jean Waterhouse) has released her debut EP last born with new single “night alone,” a nocturnal synth-pop cut that balances maddi’s delicate vocals with pounding drum machines. She describes her debut represents what she describes as “a portrait of my determination to make sense of my youth through honest stories of heartache, self worth and independence.”

With lyrics that feel like midnight taxi-ride confession, maddi explains that ‘night alone’ is dedicated to her love of the night, “night alone is an ode to that special feeling of complete independence and freedom that the night time gives me, away from responsibility and away from the crowds. I often find I am most inspired and creative at night because it gives me a safe space to be and express my complete self, which night alone captures.”

On the EP, maddi comments “For the past few years, since finishing school, I’ve been slowly but surely creating last born, adding and removing tracks from my Soundcloud playlist until I got to these four. Although each track carries a different emotion and energy, they were each initially created from overwhelming thoughts that I found myself constantly coming back to and journaling about. Each track comes from stories of confusion, determination to understand relationships, heartache, self worth and independence. The personal connection between them all is the satisfaction I feel from being able to rewrite that negativity and confusion into something positive and uplifting!”

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last born is now available on music streaming platforms.

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