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Mabes Releases ‘Danny’ and Shares Her ‘Love Letter To Nashville’

Mabes Releases ‘Danny’ and Shares Her ‘Love Letter To Nashville’

Folk-pop artist Mabes unveils new single Danny” – a poignant track about a lover left behind while their spouse is off serving time in the armed forces. With her wistful lyrics, Mabes impeccably captures the heart-wrenching essence of true love, patience, and yearning. The new content is a precursor to her forthcoming EP due out later this Fall via The Other Songs.

The quickly rising British singer-songwriter taps into her anecdotal abilities, inventing the character that is ‘Danny’ to represent anyone on active duty and sacrificing their life for their nation. Sung from the perspective of the love interest waiting at home, Mabes’ inspiration for the new song stems from her admiration for Laura Marling’s poetic storytelling. 

“After years of listening to Laura Marling, I wanted to write a song from another person’s perspective and create a character, something Laura does so well.” She continues, “When I was younger, I would see many wars reported on the news. I always wondered how people in the armed forces and their families coped with the reality of the job. So in this case and for this song, the character I’ve invented is Danny, the soldier that left for war and doesn’t come home.” 

Mabes’ comeback single “Too Young To Love” arrived shortly after the success of her Keeping The Noise Down EP (released May 22nd via Amuse / The Other Songs). The EP – written partly in Nashville – was a nod to the community she fell in love with and included collaborations with Jonny Latimer (Ellie Goulding, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man), Dan McDougall (Noel Gallagher), and Quarry. Mabes tells Sounds Like Nashville in an exclusive love letter to Music City, 

“I think fate brought me to Nashville… Before I knew you I felt afraid to be myself, but you embraced me in your open arms and taught me to see things differently. I had always seen the world as a strange place, somewhere I didn’t quite fit in, but when I stumbled across you, I was home.” 

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The EP visual transformed all four songs into one collective piece of art representative of her teenage years and further illuminated Mabes’ affinity for the ‘70s and Americana/folk/country culture in the states.

“Danny” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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