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LUCY Release Single Album ‘Inside’ and Visuals for Single ‘Hero’

LUCY Release Single Album ‘Inside’ and Visuals for Single ‘Hero’

LUCY has released its first musical offering of the year with Inside. Captivating with their singular sensibility and orchestral sonic palette, LUCY’s single album arrives with three tracks to bring a warm embrace and a comforting message during the winter season.

“As always, we tried to show new and special music for this album,” LUCY said. “We want to show our energy through performances this year.”

Inside is LUCY’s third single album and completes the band’s narrative through the four seasons, which was kicked off last spring with the single album Dear, followed by their summer EP Panorama and the autumn season’s single album Snooze. The new album features the title track “Hero,” “Stove,” and “OUTRO.”

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“We are working harder with the responsibility to provide good music every time the seasons come,” LUCY said. “I hope that you will continue to enjoy LUCY’s music that is different for each season throughout the year.”

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Stream and download Inside on all major music streaming platforms and watch the music video for “Hero” below.

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