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LOLAA is Ready to Leave their Creative Mark in Pop Music: Interview

LOLAA is Ready to Leave their Creative Mark in Pop Music: Interview


Toronto/Mexico City-based sister duo LOLAA, compromised of vocalist Lex Valentine and bassist Nadia King, is ready to shake up pop music with their own influence and creativity.

After making their debut in 2017, LOLAA have now released their full-length album La Marea which highlights their mix of inspiration and culture in both Spanish and English. Rooted in bridging different inspirations together, the duo is shaking up music by bringing together global audiences.

With the arrival of La Marea, LOLAA —whose name comes from the name Dolores (Lola), meaning “Lady of Sorrows”— bring their creative twist that sets the course of their career.

Get to know more about LOLAA below and find La Marea here.

Vacancy: How would you explain La Marea to someone who is listening to your music for the first time?

LOLAA: The concept behind La Marea, which means “the tide” in Spanish, is a metaphor for the turbulent emotions that can occur when going through difficult life changes. Ever since the age of 16, I’ve had this reoccurring dream that I was swallowed whole by a tide, but always survived. The dream served as a premonition dream at the time and always came before some major shift in my life. Throughout the years, I’ve come to realize that I am the tide, the one that has triggered all these changes, resistance, fear, pain. The album tracks begin as a slow tide, then reaching its full peak of emotion, finally closing in flow and reaching a culmination. Perhaps awaiting another tide, but finally in full acceptance of oneself, and embracing the idea of surrender. In life, when we fight against the tide, we drown. When we accept the flow and let it take us back to the surface, we survive and come out stronger on the other side.

Vacancy: You also released your new single “Besame.” What is the song about?

LOLAA: This song is about the beginning stages of a new relationship, when you are trying to find a balance between not letting your ego overtake you, allowing yourself to be open to healthy possibilities, and the inevitable dance of mind games that can exist when someone isn’t quite ready to give into love.  Our past sometimes defines and creates difficult patterns to break, but are necessary to leave behind in order to let love in. Bringing those walls down doesn’t always mean that we are giving into someone or something, but rather showing one self a true act of self love by accepting the experience of love into one’s life. Crisia Regalado who sings guest vocals on this song was the perfect ghostly echo that lives in our subconscious which represents the higher self  – lovely, playful, patient, sweet, and coming in as a gentle reminder that we all have the ability to play both roles. We first heard Crisia sing on her band’s (Sin Color) song “Pregunto” years ago, and we immediately fell in love with the sweetness and uniqueness of her tone

Vacancy: What was it like to work on your debut album?

LOLAA: It was very liberating and healing. We just feel thankful to have the opportunity to continue creating.

Vacancy: Have you learned anything about yourself or experienced anything during quarantine that has impacted your music?

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LOLAA: Yes, that life is forever a dance between the devil and angel on our shoulders. That we need connection and space to grow. That we need to learn to love ourselves better. To keep the ego in check. That we need to be truly open to receive love. Surrender. Patience. Basically, to be less of a control freak.

Vacancy: Do you both find inspiration from the same places? How does your background come into play with the sounds you experiment with?

LOLAA: We do actually, we just interpret things differently. I would say I’m more of a cynic and skeptic generally, while my sister is like the softer voice of reason. We balance each other out. The songs you hear in the end are a blend of the two perspectives. I think generally we’ve always lived in this in between of everything, a duality. We see this as a strength, rather than a struggle. We are both Mexican and Canadian, we speak two languages, we’ve played between both indie rock and pop genres our entire lives, and our music and lyrics have always played between light and dark spaces. This translates into everything we do.

Vacancy: What is something you want to achieve next in your career? What can listeners expect next?

LOLAA: We just want to get on a stage again together. We want to collaborate with more artists, more of our friends. We hope LOLAA takes us to new places. We don’t care for fame, we just want a long career in this. We are songwriters first after all.

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