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‘League of Legends’ to Sunset Clubs in December

‘League of Legends’ to Sunset Clubs in December

Riot Games is moving forward to shutdown clubs in League of Legends after announcing in September the plans to sunset the feature that allows players to easily find one another in-game and group with like-minded players, form unofficial teams, and group into smaller communities based on champion preference.

League of Legends clubs will sunset on December 8 with the release of Patch 10.25.

“We’re currently targeting patch 10.25 (Live in Riot Regions on December 8) as the patch in which Clubs are sunset,” Riot Karadwe said. “This means that, upon patching and logging into the game, you’ll no longer see Club Chat, Club Tags or any Club Roster information. We know that this will be a big adjustment for some of you, but our hope is that between now and then, you are able to migrate your community over to platforms like Discord so that you can stay in touch with your friends in League and beyond.”

Players may navigate to Discord now to set up new communities and talk, hangout, and keep playing together with League of Legends friends.

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The change was prompted due to technological constraints, and the evolution of community tools, where developers like Discord focus solely on helping communities and friends to talk when gaming. The move allows Riot Games to center their vision on gaming and on building League of Legends (and now TFT) as something they believe to be best at.

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