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Laura Chimaras’ Show ‘Nunca Pierdas La Fe’ to Premiere on YouTube April 11

Laura Chimaras’ Show ‘Nunca Pierdas La Fe’ to Premiere on YouTube April 11

Laura Chimaras Show 'Nunca Pierdas La Fe' to Premiere on YouTube April 11

Laura Chimaras is set to premiere her new talk show Nunca Pierdas La Fe on April 11, 2021, on YouTube. Each episode will feature raw and intimate sit-down conversations between Chimaras and a featured guest where they will discuss pivotal moments in their life where they lost faith and also details on how they regained faith and later used it to propel their successes. 

Celebrities and influential individuals featured in season one include Guaynaa, Franklin Mejias Castellanos, Elba Escobar, Marko, Servando Primera, Florentino, and more. 

“I feel that today we need more conversations that nurture our consciousness and feelings and that is ‘Nunca Pierdas La Fe.’ I don’t like to wait for something, I just do it with the certainty that at the end of each program you will feel something, that you will want to live much more strongly, ” said Chimaras.

Prior to launching her own series, Laura appeared in Bad Bunny’s “Solo De Mi” video and she was previously an actress on several novelas including La Fan, Sangre de mi Tierra, and Mi Familia Perfecta on Telemundo. She has since launched three books Palabras Perdidas, La Historia de Una Adicta, and Pasiones Narcóticas and continues speaking at conferences around the world about how to find your faith.

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