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LANY Releases Emotional Track ‘if this is the last time’

LANY Releases Emotional Track ‘if this is the last time’

  • LANY has dropped the second single 'if this is the last time' from their forthcoming album 'Mama's Boy.'

LANY is gearing up for the release of their new album Mama’s Boy later this year with the release of the second single “if this is the last time.”

“The idea for the track came to me on a flight to Beijing last summer. My uncle buddy (I have his name tattooed on my arm) is getting older, and I don’t get to see him very much because I’m always working and/or on tour. he’s in good health, but you never know what could happen… and I thought to myself “what if the next time I get to see him is the last time I’ll get to see him?” said lead singer Paul Klein in a letter to fans.

Klein continued, “We went to Nashville in September of last year to start writing for album 3, and this was the first song we wrote… on our very first day there. After moving into 2020 and being thrown into a global pandemic and being faced with a new reality, it became clear to me that finishing and perfecting this song was imperative… that maybe this was a song the world could lean on.”

Written by Klein, Jake Goss, Les Priest, Sasha Sloan, Dan Smyers, and Jordan Reynolds, the song is one of the band’s more personal and emotional tracks. It falls in line with the new album’s name and sets the tone for what’s coming in the album.

LANY released the first single of the new album “good guys” back in May. Mama’s Boy has no set release date as of yet besides confirmation on the band’s social media stating it would release in 2020. The band released their last full-length album Malibu Nights in 2018 and a collaboration with Lauv at the end of last year.

“if this is the last time” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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