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LANY Drop Two Singles ‘Up To Me’ and ‘DNA [Demo]’

LANY Drop Two Singles ‘Up To Me’ and ‘DNA [Demo]’


Continuing to build anticipation for their forthcoming album gg bb xx, LANY have released two singles “up to me” and “dna [demo].” Both tracks will appear in gg bb xx which is set to debut on September 3 via Polydor Records/Universal Music. Pre-order is available here.

gg bb xx hones in on what principal songwriter and frontman Paul Klein describes as “micro-moments.” “There have been times in the past,” Klein explains, “when I’ve walked into a writing session with a micro-moment idea for a song and the producer’s said: ‘I don’t think there’s enough meat there, maybe it could be a line in another song?’ This time round it was an exciting challenge, to take what might be considered inconsequential, and to make it magical.”

The band worked with Maroon 5 and Katy Perry collaborator Andrew Goldstein for gg bb xx to be able to capture the right spirit. “It’s difficult to find producers these days that will commit to an entire body of work, but when I met Andrew Goldstein I expressed an interest that I would love to make this top to bottom with him, and he was on board straight away. He totally understood the dynamic of LANY,” said Klein.

About the album, Klein also shared, “There was a real sense of freedom to this album,” Klein says. “Even freedom from myself. I learned to stop being hung up on everything. Recording ‘gg bb xx’ has been the most fun I’ve ever had making music — this new album is LANY at its best, and for all the right reasons.”

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“It feels good to feel good,” Klein explains. “What I think you hear in the album is that I’ve reached a point where I feel secure and safe in the knowledge that whatever happens in life, I can always find a silver lining.” Their fourth album in four years captures a band on the crest of an artistic wave.

LANY released their debut self-titled album in 2017 with hits like “ilysb.” They last released Mama’s Boy in 2020 with a deluxe version earlier this year.

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