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Kyd The Band Shares Sorrowful Ballad ‘Somebody’s Song’

Kyd The Band Shares Sorrowful Ballad ‘Somebody’s Song’

Kyd The Band

Ahead of the release of his upcoming EP, Kyd the Band (aka Devin Guisande) shares his new single, “Somebody’s Song.” 

“Somebody’s Song” is dedicated to those who have hurt you in the past, a cathartic expression of the feelings of betrayal and loss. Instead of moving on and pretending everything is fine, Guisande expresses the importance of understanding and unburdening yourself of those feelings. “Everyone celebrates someone who hurt them and shows that they’ve overcome the hurt, but there’s a flipside where you have to relive those feelings and work through them.”

Kyd The Band writes songs on topics underrepresented in the music industry and “Somebody’s Song” is the latest example of this. No story is left untold as Guisande’s discography cuts deep in tracks that are just as personal as they are memorable.
After three EPs telling stories of adversity, loss, and triumph, Kyd The Band (aka Devin Guisande) is releasing the last project of his series, Season 4: Finale. Since beginning his musical journey, Guisande has steadily been growing a fan base earning over 25.2M streams and over four million video views.

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