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Kuk Seung Pyo Releases New Single ‘Meaningless’

Kuk Seung Pyo Releases New Single ‘Meaningless’

Kuk Seung Pyo Releases New Single 'Meaningless'

Indie soul/R&B artist Kuk Seung Pyo is back with his new single “Meaningless.” Written by Kuk Seung Pyo, the single carries the theme of uncertainty and feeling like there is no one to lean on during the dark phases of life.

“I wrote ‘Meaningless’ to comfort and give courage to those that are going through hard times. There were times I wanted to run away, but I also wanted to overcome it. I want to tell those that are dealing with a lot of pressure in life that sometimes, it’s okay to rely on others and that they deserve to be loved,” he says.

The track was produced and composed by Kuk Seung Pyo and Son Yoo Tae along with U-LU who contributed to the arrangement. “Meaningless” brings together Kuk Seung Pyo’s vocals with synthy, lo-fi beats taking an alternative R&B approach.

The accompanying music video illustrates his feeling of hopelessness but eventually breaths a sigh of relief as he comes to terms with the circumstances.

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Kuk Seung Pyo has been inspired by American hip hop and R&B. Starting as a YouTube vlogger who runs a reaction channel that has recently passed 106k subscribers, Kuk Seung Pyo began releasing his own music in 2018 and noted for the groovy beats and a mix of English and Korean relatable lyrics. Kuk Seung Pyo has worked with various musicians across the world and enjoyed cultural fusion in his music production. His previously released single Wait is streamed more than 40k times on Spotify. He last released the single “Why Do You.”

“Meaningless” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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