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Kings Elliot Release New Single ‘Dancing Alone’

Kings Elliot Release New Single ‘Dancing Alone’

Kings Elliot has released her new single “Dancing Alone” – a heartfelt pop-noir ballad about navigating a relationship through the choppy waters of mental health issues. 

“Holding together any kind of relationship when you struggle with your mental health is immensely challenging – for you and the person involved,” says Kings of the track. “’Dancing Alone’ is me preparing someone for how hard it’s going to be, and walking them through every step of ‘the dance’ they will have to learn in order to get through the darkest days.”

The singer last released “I’m Getting Tired of Me” in which she expressed her feelings on anxiety and self-destructive tendencies, but came with a message of hope.

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Listen to “Dancing Alone” below.

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