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Kim Walker-Smith to Release New Album ‘Wild Heart’ on August 14

Kim Walker-Smith to Release New Album ‘Wild Heart’ on August 14

  • Kim Walker-Smith will announce her new album 'Wild Heart' will release on August 14.

Kim Walker-Smith is making her return with a brand new album Wild Heart out on August 14. The album was recorded live at Cascade Theater in Redding, California.

Wild Heart marks Walker-Smith’s fifth solo album. She is part of Jesus Culture which also released new albums recently.

Walker-Smith released the new single “Protector” which is a declaration of who God is.

“Saying “I come out of agreement with the lie…” and “I come into agreement with the truth…” are not very typical things to say in a song. But they need to be said. Sometimes it’s not enough to just try and ignore the negative, accusing, harmful voice in your head. Sometimes, you need to recognize that you have bought into a lie and break the agreement with it in Jesus’ name!” shared Walker-Smith on social media. “This is not only the way to freedom, but it’s the way to new life; one that is full of the truth of not just who you are, but who God truly is. This song is not meant to just be sung on a ‪Sunday morning‬ or listened to on the way to work. It is meant to bring you true freedom from bondage in your life. It is meant to be a blatant reminder of the true reality of who God is; your fortress, your freedom, your refuge, your Jesus, your PROTECTOR.”

The album was recorded in one night with a room full of people from across the country.

Kim Walker-Smith Wild Heart Track Listing

1. Stones

2. Come Through

3. Wild Heart

4. Breathing Room

5. Simple Days

6. Returning

7. You’ll Always Be

See Also

8. Only You

9. Protector

10. Already Have (Bear’s Song)

11. Just To Have You

12. Just Be 

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