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Kim Walker-Smith Releases New Single ‘Breathing Room’

Kim Walker-Smith Releases New Single ‘Breathing Room’

  • Kim Walker-Smith has released her new single 'Breathing Room' from her upcoming new album.

Kim Walker-Smith has released her second single “Breathing Room” from her upcoming new album Wild Heart due August 14.

“There is a moment of spontaneous worship in this song, where I say that my heart is wide open when the door is open and when the door is shut. I remember the moment it came out of my mouth, I felt the sting of those words. Not because I don’t agree with them, but because I understand the weight of them. It’s not easy to keep your heart open when God is shutting the door,” said Walker-Smith about the song. “As a parent, there are times I draw boundaries for my children, not to be mean, but to protect them or because I want the best for them. I can’t allow my heart to become hardened or offended when things don’t go my way or I don’t get what I want or the dream doesn’t happen when I think it should. God is sovereign. It’s a kindness that He draws boundaries and opens/shuts doors in precisely the right time. The question is, can we keep our heart open and soft towards Him in the process?”

Wild Heart will be the singer’s first album after a three year hiatus. She also sings in this year’s new Jesus Culture albums.

“I wanted to capture that feeling of new life and growth in the aesthetics of this album, so the night we recorded it, we had a stage full of the live plants and flowers! Our scenic designer, Eric Ponpetenieff, totally captured the vision of “WILD” and created something incredible with live trees, ferns, moss, and flowers. He turned the stage in to a lush living garden, he even brought in a eucalyptus tree from his own property! Needless to say, it smelled AMAZING in the theatre that night,” shared Walker-Smith about the album.

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“Breathing Room” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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