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KATASTRO Releases New Single ‘The Way I Feel’

KATASTRO Releases New Single ‘The Way I Feel’


Alt-rock/hip-hop hybrid Katastro has released their new single “The Way I Feel” and announced the details for their next studio album Sucker, due out Friday, July 16 via Controlled Substance Sound Labs. “The Way I Feel, the opening track off Sucker, the sixth full-length album, is an upbeat ode to getting over a bad breakup. Sucker is available for pre-order here.

“‘The Way I Feel’ is probably the most personal song for me on the album,” shares vocalist Andy Chaves. “I was going through a shitty breakup and remember not wanting to be in the studio at all that day. The keys that come in the beginning just make you feel good. I remember driving home after that session and I was in the one of the best moods I had been in for a while. I’m hoping this track makes anyone going through the same shit feel the same way I did on that drive home.”

Sucker represents a notably more mature sound for Katastro – Andy Chaves [vocals], Andrew Stravers [drums], Tanner Riccio [guitar], and Ryan Weddle [bass] – while showcasing their unique melting pot stew of rock, hip-hop, funk, blues, pop, and reggae. The band’s fully collaborative creative approach, and unexpected time off in 2020, allowed for limitless possibilities. The result is a 12-song collection, produced by Matt Keller (Lydia, Anarbor, Redlands), about the constant loop of life, love, hate and wanting to break the pattern. 

“After a devastating year for the music industry, we were left pretty scattered,” explains bassist Weddle. “Months into the lockdown, we found ourselves with more time off than we had in years and decided to take over a local recording studio. With our own spot, our only goal was to write the best songs we could and really embrace our new opportunity to spend time at home without obligations or deadlines. It really began to feel like it did when we started the band.”

“We want to make art that makes people feel good. Art that helps people,” Andrew Stravers adds. “I would love to hear our fans say our music helped them get through trauma. That our music helped them get to the next chapter in life. What’s better than that?”

Sucker Tracklist:

1. The Way I Feel

2. 100 Rips

3. Droptop

4. Pocket Fulla

5. One Day

6. Sucker

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