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Kanye West is Running for President and Has Shared His Aspirations

Kanye West is Running for President and Has Shared His Aspirations

  • Kanye West talked to Forbes explaining his presidential aspirations and what he hopes to achieve.

Kanye West is back making waves as he announced he is running for president and has even been endorsed by Elon Musk. Although he can only be elected as a write-in option, West has shared his stances and presidential aspirations in an interview with Forbes.

In the interview, West shares how he will be running under “The Birthday Party” banner but also said, “I would run as a Republican if Trump wasn’t there. I will run as an independent if Trump is there.”

“It’s when I was being offered the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards at MTV. I remember being at my mom’s house, my mother-in-law, because my house was being worked on, she calls me ‘son’ and I call her ‘mom,’ I was in the shower thinking, I write raps in the shower. It hit me to say, ‘you’re going to run for president’ and I started laughing hysterically, I was like this is the best, I’m going to go out there and they’re going to think I’m going to do these songs and do this for entertainment, how rigged awards shows are, and then say I’m president.And I just laughed in the shower, I don’t know for how long, but that’s the moment it hit me,” West on why he decided to run for president.

In the interview, he also revealed how he had COVID-19 earlier this year, how he’s pro-life, and how he plans to bring prayer back into schools.

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West threw his hat into the ring late, which he acknowledges, but also doesn’t rule out running again in the next election saying, “Let’s see if the appointing is at 2020 or if it’s 2024—because God appoints the president. If I win in 2020 then it was God’s appointment. If I win in 2024 then that was God’s appointment.”

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