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Kangta’s ‘Free To Fly 2021’ to Release on July 14

Kangta’s ‘Free To Fly 2021’ to Release on July 14


SM Entertainment is beginning its remastering project. Kangta will release the new remake version “Free To Fly 2021” on July 14. Sungchan of NCT and Winter of aespa are set to appear in the music video.

Originally by H.O.T., “Fly To Fly” was released in 1997 and is available on their second album Wolf and Sheep. Kangta’s version will be produced by Yoo Young Jin, the original songwriter, featuring his style on the track.

SM previously announced during SM CONGRESS 2021 a remastering project that will be upscaling and remastering existing SMTOWN music videos and sound sources and releasing them through YouTube. Starting with Kangta’s “Free To Fly 2021,” over 300 songs will get remastered.

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