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Justin Park Gets Vulnerable with ‘YOU DON’T KNOW’: Interview

Justin Park Gets Vulnerable with ‘YOU DON’T KNOW’: Interview

Justin Park

Singer/songwriter Justin Park has been keeping busy this year with a string of releases including a feature on Demie Cao’s recent single, “Circles” and a collaboration with Ted Park for their joint summer song, “Adore You Dior You.” Prepping the way for his upcoming EP I Can See The Stars From Here, Park returns with his own single “YOU DON’T KNOW.”

Written and produced by Dirk Pate (Beyonce, Eminem, Boys II Men), “YOU DON’T KNOW” shows a vulnerable side of Park. The artist is also setting up future releases this year to continue building on his momentum.

Park made his musical debut in 2018 with his album, Places Like Home, which the LA native penned himself. Kicking off his career by writing and developing with 5A LABEL as an artist, and MRMG as an international writer, he has written for Korean Pop artists such as B.A.P. He gained acclaim for his songs “Like We Used To” and “On the Low,” which allowed him to step on the global stage.

Find “YOU DON’T KNOW” here and get to know more about Justin Park in the interview below.

Vacancy: The composition of your latest release “You Don’t Know” is captivating at the emotional level. What is the story behind the new single?

Justin Park: “You Don’t Know” is a story that highlights a scenario that I’m sure many men have experienced, and dreaded: an unrequited love. One that is so strong that it keeps you wondering at home what she may be doing at this very moment, or what she might really think of you? A love that never leaves you alone, even if you swear that this time you’d be able to walk away.

“You Don’t Know” is about blind, innocent love. The type of love where you keep giving until it hurts, even if you think it might be good for you. No matter how much you want this other person to see that it’s true, there’s always a reason for it to fall through the cracks.

Vacancy: What draws you to this genre and who or what are the major influences shaping the upcoming EP? How was the process of creating the EP?

Park: My genre has always been R&B/Pop and I intend to stay in this lane until I feel as if I’ve exhausted what I can do with it creatively. This upcoming album is a culmination of the rollercoaster of experiences and emotions felt these past 4 years. I’ve been through a lot; we all have to say the least. Hopefully everyone who’s listening can crack a smile with me, and take in the album with the summer sun.

Vacancy: What would be the one defining song, written works or artist that encourages your songwriting style?

Park: I can’t say that any one thing because personally I’d like to think that I embody many of my favorite artists and sounds. But to name a few of my fundamental influences, they are Michael Jackson, Bobby Caldwell, Freddie Mercury, & Tupac.

Vacancy: You’ve already collaborated with many artists, is there another collaboration in the works or someone you wish you can work with in the future?

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Park: I really want to make a song with Kehlani.

Vacancy: During these uncertain times around the world, what message do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

Park: Life is more beautiful than we make it out to be. We have so many reasons to hate ourselves, so many times we beat ourselves down, and we never take the time to see why we are great. Or why we may be different from someone else. If we open up ourselves to great experiences, with great people, we may become versions of ourselves we could have never imagined. We need to see the beauty of the world truly for what it is.

Vacancy: You’re building such a solid foundation for your career, what are you looking forward to the most post-COVID personally and within the music industry? Are there any other creative avenues you want to tackle or experiment with?

Park: I’m looking forward to doing massive shows in the States and across the world. My vision is vast but certainly do-able. With time I think that we’re going to build a massive fan-ship that stretches around the globe, but for now my full focus is in the music.

In the future though, I do wish to become an actor-director combo and that has always been apart of my dream.

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