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Justin Bieber Breaks Valentine’s Day Concert TikTok Records

Justin Bieber Breaks Valentine’s Day Concert TikTok Records

Justin Bieber broke Valentine’s Day records on TikTok for “Journals live from the drew house,” a full-length LIVE performance. TikTok’s first-ever full-length single-artist live performance drew over 4 million unique views over two broadcasts, making it the most-viewed single-artist livestream in TikTok history

The performance was Bieber’s first-ever performance of songs from his fan-favorite 2013 album JOURNALS.

The buzz surrounding the Valentine’s Day performance caused a resurgence in the popularity of the album, ushering JOURNALS past the 3 billion all-time streams landmark. Project highlights “All That Matters” and “Heartbreaker” reached charts in multiple countries, and the buzz surrounding the performance had a rising tide effect on the rest of the artist’s catalog–Bieber’s newest single “Anyone” ascended to the #1 spot on iTunes over the weekend.

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With over 20.3 million followers–a 700k increase since the announcement of #JournalsLive, Justin Bieber is an active member of the TikTok community, using his account to reveal behind-the-scenes footage, partake in the latest trends, and more. His first-ever TikTok, which included a snippet of his hit song “Yummy” (which was a big TikTok hit with over 5 million video creations) generated over 117 million views. Justin declared his devotion to his wife Hailey with a stylish video soundtracked by his single “Anyone.” Justin is currently trending worldwide with his benny blanco collab “Lonely,” which has over 872k video creations and more than 5 billion video views.

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