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Joo Won Joins the Cast of Netflix’s ‘Carter’

Joo Won Joins the Cast of Netflix’s ‘Carter’

Joo Won Joins the Cast of Netflix's 'Carter'

Netflix has confirmed Joo Won (Good Doctor, Yong-pal) as the lead for Carter, a new original series about an agent suffering from memory loss who is thrown into the middle of a mysterious mission.

Joo Won transforms into an action hero in director Jung Byung-gil’s new project. Joo Won showed his action chops in the popular drama Alice, which involved car chases and hand-to-hand combat. The role of Carter will challenge him with even more extreme and exciting action. In the series, Carter is a top agent who awakens one day with a complete loss of memory but is then thrown into the mission of a lifetime. Joo Won will portray the character’s inner struggle as he deals with the uncertainties of his mission. 

At the helm of the series is director Jung Byung-gil, whose skilled hands have produced many unique action films. Carter, his collaboration with Netflix, is expected to present a cathartic experience for viewers with high-quality, difficult to execute, nonstop action.

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Carter will be available exclusively on Netflix.

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