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Jon Foreman to Host ‘Melodies and Memories’ Livestream April 9

Jon Foreman to Host ‘Melodies and Memories’ Livestream April 9

Jon Foreman to Host 'Melodies and Memories' Livestream April 9

Jon Foreman will be hosting a special solo livestream, “Melodies and Memories,” on April 9 where he will play the music that has inspired his life. Tickets are available here.

Read Foreman’s announcement below.

“Hola amigos! 

Thanks again for all of the love and support for the new tunes! So glad to finally have “departures” out for you all. 

This album feels like the articulation of thoughts and feelings that might never have come out without the help of the song. It’s an incredible experience to see these feelings of pain, confusion, joy, and love become a song. And then beyond that, to see these songs become your songs. Your anthems and soundtracks. Knowing that there is a connection of souls through the songs has been a huge consolation this year. That these songs are not my own anymore: they’re ours, they’re yours.

It got me thinking, what if I could put together an evening of songs as an attempt to communicate my life? Like a mixtape that borrows from the past 20 years. Stories and songs. Melodies and Memories.

So on Friday, April 9th, my friends and I will be doing just that. Playing the songs that made me who I am today, talking story, and live streaming it for everyone around the world. Songs I’ve written and the songs I wish I wrote. 

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I’ll be playing alongside of Aaron, Keith, and a few others for what promises to be an epic journey: Melodies and Memories, an evening of stories and songs. We’ll see you there!


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