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Johnnyswim Releases EP ‘Songs With Strangers’

Johnnyswim Releases EP ‘Songs With Strangers’

  • Johnnyswim have released their new EP 'Songs With Strangers' which was a collaboration between fans and the duo.

Johnnyswim has dropped their new EP Songs With Strangers. The unique project features strangers chosen by the husband/wife duo to write and record in a day.

#SongsWithStrangers has been the single most exciting project we’ve ever made. Also I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of a creative work we’ve done. All these songs written and recorded in a day, written with strangers chosen at random on IG LIVE and the entire process streamed live,” the duo shared on Instagram.

Songs With Strangers is a soulful, dreamlike EP that shares the best of Johnnyswim. Tracks like “Still Wonderful” and “And We Remain” give a feeling of hope with their powerful and encouraging lyrics. “Running” is a carefree track that ties in the feeling of holding on to the good. The EP features the track “Wait” which the duo released at the peak of sheltering at home. Overall, the EP feels like a needed warm hug during the trying times.

Johnnyswim took on this project and it paid off into something heartwarming. The band’s Instagram highlights the stranger —now friends— and their stories with the meaning behind the songs. It’s an encouraging EP that surely highlights the best in the artists and humanity.

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The duo last released their full length album Moonlight in 2019 via Britannia Row Recordings/BMG.

Songs With Strangers is now available on music streaming platforms.

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