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JJ Heller Releases New Song ‘Miracle’

JJ Heller Releases New Song ‘Miracle’

  • JJ Heller has released a new song "Miracle" as part of her project where she releases a new song on the first Friday of the month.

JJ Heller has released a brand new song called “Miracle.” Heller has been releasing a new song the first Friday of every month this year.

“Miracle” was written by Heller, David Heller, and Brandon Heath. Previously released song this year have included “Missing Peace,” “Not Enough,” “Unbreakable Heart,” “Asking for a Friend,” “You Already Know,” “New Normal,” and “Always.”

Heller has been hard at work and has recently launched a podcast titled Instrumental. She also announced on Instagram that I Dream of You (Volume III) is currently in the works featuring 15 love songs written in a peaceful style used in the I Dream of You albums. I Dream of You (Volume II) released in 2018.

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“Miracle” is now available on all music streaming platforms. Listen to the song below.

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