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JJ Heller Releases New Song ‘Beautiful Again’

JJ Heller Releases New Song ‘Beautiful Again’

  • JJ Heller has dropped new single 'Beautiful Again.'

JJ Heller has released a new song “Beautiful Again” as part of her project where she releases a song on the first Friday of the month.

“As someone who’s not super talkative, there’s nothing that shuts me down faster than than being interrupted when I’m trying to talk… especially when I’m talking about something personal or painful,” said Heller of the song.

“When I’m really going through something heavy, I find myself drawn to souls who have been through suffering as well. There’s just something about them that instinctively knows the futility of unsolicited advice and generic platitudes. They are quick to listen and slow to speak. They are willing to sit in the pain without trying to smooth it over for a quick fix.”

“This is the rare kind of friend I’m looking for and the kind I want to be to others… the kind that can be present without having to say anything at all. The kind that knows there’s beauty beyond the pain and somehow God is able to take our brokenness and make us beautiful again.”

“Beautiful Again” is now available on music streaming platforms.

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