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Jesus Culture Releases New Live Album ‘Church Volume One’

Jesus Culture Releases New Live Album ‘Church Volume One’

Grammy-nominated Jesus Culture has released a brand new live album titled “Church Volume One (Live).” The album features Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Mack Brock, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, and Derek Johnson. This is one of two volumes that will be released in the following two months. It will feature over 18 songs recorded live from Jesus Culture Sacramento.

“​​Revival has an accompanying sound. These are our cries, our declarations, and our anthems for the harvest we believe is upon us. We invite you into the heart of our church and ask that you would raise these songs in belief and anticipation for all that He is going to do next. In these times of uncertainty, we will be a people of praise. We will be the city on a hill. We will be the church,” said the worship band.

Kim Walker-Smith shared on her Instagram, “Our prayer is that these songs would serve as a weapon for the Church in this time. Our praise and our worship is powerful and it is a weapon to dispel lies and fear. We pray that these songs become the backdrop for many encounters with Jesus and put words to the prayers and cries of hearts.”

“Church Volume One (Live)” is a collection of worship songs that brings Jesus Culture back to a familiar sound. The songs feel like intimate proclamations to God. It’s not gimmicky and each song feels like it serves a purpose. There is a genuine back to basics approach that allows listeners to connect to the words. Songs like “Revival” and “Still In Control” are sure to stir hearts and serve as affirmations.

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“Church Volume One (Live)” is now available on all digital music platforms.

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