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Jenny Banai Announces New Album ‘couchwalker’ Out September 17, Shares Single ‘Gold’

Jenny Banai Announces New Album ‘couchwalker’ Out September 17, Shares Single ‘Gold’

  • Jenny Banai will release her sophomore album 'couchwalker' on September 17 and drops new single 'Gold.'
Jenny Banai Announces New Album 'couchwalker' Out September 17, Shares First Single 'Gold'

Jenny Banai has announced her sophomore album, couchwalker, will release on September 17. Along with the announcement, the Vancouver songwriter has dropped the single “Gold.”

Banai says that, “’couchwalker’ grew up into an album with the all-too-eager help of heartbreak, uncertainty and questions to do with faith.” Each song embodies a timeless longing of the soul for mutual understanding and deep connection. Alas, throughout Jenny flutters from one couch to the next; from one conversation to the next, feeling wholly affected by the state of the world, of her friends and of her own heart. All the while finding ground in what she believes is true.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Gold,” Banai states, “One day, driving around Vancouver, I had this image pop into my head of golden streets above our own. An existence that is unseen, but somehow covers our reality (to use the limitations of language). That there is a reality existing at the same time as our own, where peace and truth come from, where ancient and ageless hands are working, ‘softening, moving, molding.’

So often our human hands hurt; they ache and they inflict, they pull and they pound. At the end of the song, I share the metaphor of a clay vessel shattering: ‘where the stiff clay shatters and the world grasps its heart’. I ask these ancient hands, ‘will we find you there, with hands in layers old, will you lift us? Our forms inlaid with gold?’”

Banai wrote and performed all of the string parts on couchwalker, with acclaimed cellist Peggy Lee performing the cello parts. Co-produced with drummer Scott Currie, the album also includes upright jazz bassist, Ben Appenheimer.

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Banai self-released her debut album Flowering Head in 2015, while independently touring across Canada. She was also a vocalist for the TV series Unspeakable in 2019.

couchwalker track listing:
1. Something Soft
2. Intermittent Heart
3. Shadow Thoughts
4. Couch Walker
5. Quiet Satisfaction
6. Lava
7. Gold
8. Paper Plain
9. Daunting Dazzler
10. Face Value
11. Timshel
12. Lois
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