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Jennifer Lopez Launches Lifestyle Channel on Triller

Jennifer Lopez Launches Lifestyle Channel on Triller

Jennifer Lopez is launching the “JLo” lifestyle channel on Triller, where she will generate original and unique content on a regular basis surrounding music, beauty, fitness, and fashion. The JLo channel will debut the release of her highly anticipated music video “In the Morning” on the Triller app exclusively for 48 hours. 

“I’m always looking for innovative and modern ways to connect with my fans, and I am very happy to be able to work with Triller on this amazing new lifestyle channel,” says Lopez. “Triller’s motto, ‘Where You Do You’ aligns perfectly with what I would like to share with my fans, and what a better way to start this exciting venture but with the exclusive release of my ‘In The Morning’ music video, which shares such an important message.”

“Triller remains true to its roots as we are always a music first app. Although we’re quickly expanding and becoming the go-to platform for talent from a variety of industries, we could not be more thrilled that Jennifer chose our platform and its users to see her video first. It is clear Jennifer believes in Triller and we’re ecstatic to welcome her into the family,” said Bobby Sarnevesht, Triller co-owner and executive chairman. 

“JLo is an Icon and she transcends culture, she has solidified her own culture and her own trends. We couldn’t be more excited for her to share that magic with the Triller Family,” said Ryan Kavanaugh. 

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Lopez joins a long list of influencers and musical artists creating exclusive content for the platform, including, The D’Amelio family, including Charli, Dixie, Marc and Heidi, global soccer sensation Neymar Jr., and other entertainment icons further cementing Triller’s expansion.

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