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Jacob Banks Premieres New Single and Video ‘Parade’

Jacob Banks Premieres New Single and Video ‘Parade’

Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Jacob Banks shares his exhilarating new single “Parade” with an accompanying video via Interscope Records.

A gritty but triumphant anthem built on the UK-based alt-R&B/soul artist’s spellbinding vocals, “Parade” was inspired by the unrest Banks felt upon attending a protest in the UK.  “I hoped to experience a sense of pride or whatever, but I didn’t experience any of that,” says Banks. “I felt defeated by the fact we still have to do this after all of these years. We’re all risking our lives with the pandemic out there. However, it turned around in my head. No matter how hard it gets for the oppressed, civilization still doesn’t move without our consent. It was fascinating to me. I found power in it. Society requires those who stand up on the frontline and march. It needs all of the marginalized and disenfranchised groups, so get on board or get used to it.”

Watch the video for “Parade” below.

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