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Jack Grace Shares New Single ‘The Pavement’

Jack Grace Shares New Single ‘The Pavement’

Paris based, Sydney born songwriter and producer Jack Grace dropped his latest single “The Pavement.”

‘The Pavement’ sees Grace delve deep into a sonic sphere of sentimental musicianship, one that packages melancholy with hints of pop, soul, and indie wrapped brilliantly with a nostalgic exterior. A pulsating percussion line combines brilliantly with Jack Grace’s evocative vocal. While minimal, the track’s energy flourishes as it ages, with each element serving its purpose efficiently. This new approach to creation is a byproduct of Grace’s move to Paris France. Removing himself from his comfort zone of Sydney, the Australian expat felt the influence of Paris’s overwhelming emphasis on architecture and literature leading to a re-evaluation of his artistic identity.

On the creation of “The Pavement,” Grace states, “This song is about coming to terms with where my life has gone and thinking about the search for inner peace. I wrote it when I was back home where I grew up visiting my folks last year. I took an air mattress with me on the train and slept on the floor of the studio for a few nights.  It really felt like I was 16 again and there was something very cathartic about that which I think in hindsight helped me finish the lyrics.”

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Listen to “The Pavement” below.

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