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Interscope Records Releases Soundtrack for Disney+ Original Movie ‘Clouds’

Interscope Records Releases Soundtrack for Disney+ Original Movie ‘Clouds’

Interscope Records has released the soundtrack for the Disney+ original movie Clouds, from Director Justin Baldoni and Wayfarer Studios. 

The release of the soundtrack coincides with the premiere of the movie on Disney+ and includes renforshort’s recently released song “afterthoughts,” the title track performed by stars of the movie Sabrina Carpenter and Fin Argus, the lead single “Wild Life” by OneRepublic, along with songs from the real Zach Sobiech and Sammy Brown who inspired the story for the movie. The Clouds Soundtrack is available now at all digital retail providers.

In addition to the release of Clouds and the soundtrack, the music video for OneRepublic’s “Wild Life” is out now. The video, directed by Christian Lamb and produced by Black Dog Films, was shot on location at Ruby Beach and the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State and includes scenes from the Disney+ original movie.  

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Clouds Soundtrack Track Listing:

  1. Galaxies – Isabella Richardson 
  2. Sexy And I Know It – Fin Argus 
  3. Blueberries – Sabrina Carpenter 
  4. Clouds – Fin Argus & Sabrina Carpenter 
  5. afterthoughts – renforshort 
  6. Fix Me Up – Fin Argus & Sabrina Carpenter 
  7. My Little Dancer – Fin Argus 
  8. How To Go To Confession – Sabrina Carpenter 
  9. Clouds Score Suite – Brian Tyler 
  10. Purple Pink – Sammy Brown 
  11. Star Hopping (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake 
  12. Ames (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake 
  13. Sandcastles (Film Version) – A Firm Handshake 
  14. Wild Life – OneRepublic
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