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HYBE Opens HYBE Insight Museum

HYBE Opens HYBE Insight Museum

HYBE Insight

HYBE (formally known as Big Hit Entertainment) has opened its new experience the HYBE INSIGHT museum which highlights the company’s mission of “We believe in music.”

The museum is located on the first and second basement floors of HYBE YONGSAN, the company’s HQ in Seoul. It features contents and stories about HYBE’s music created by its artists and creators are gathered in this place. Visitors can experience music using their senses and feel the power of music.

Each space of the museum has its own concept. The entrance on the second basement floor is an exhibition space, highlighting the three keywords of HYBE’s music—sound, movement, and story—through diverse contents. The second basement floor holds the “Innovative Sound” that delivers stories of our producers and artists who constantly challenge to make music; “Dynamic Movement” that interprets dance in a new perspective as means of expressing music; and “Inspiring Story” that expresses the organic links between music and lyrics through the unique stories of each artist.

The first basement floor is decorated with spaces where visitors can experience music through senses such as sight, smell, and touch: “Ways of Listening,” a space of inspiration that utilizes braille sheet music, aromas, and neon lights, enabling visitors to experience music and stimulate their imaginations; “Faces of Music” which exhibits the portraits of artists that reveal their inner selves; “Resonance” which allow visitors to feel the preciousness of music through two contrasting spaces that interpret resonance of sound in different ways; and “Music is My Life” which shows interviews of artists who tell their sincere stories about the power of music.

“HYBE Music” that connects the first and second basement floors is the highlight of the museum. An 8.5 meter-tall trophy wall and a large screen on the facade of the space highlights the paths and accomplishments made through the efforts of HYBE and its artists.

The first special exhibit of the museum showcases the talents of James Jean. “Garden,” located in the exhibition space of the first basement floor, is inspired by BTS under the title, SEVEN PHASES. Jean, with his unique and signature dreamy style, has illustrated BTS who bring healing and consolation to people living in the same generation. In addition, wooden sculptures, sketches, and drawings by Jean that capture the characteristics of BTS members, as well as the artist’s past works are being displayed.

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HYBE INSIGHT said, “HYBE INSIGHT is a museum where visitors can enjoy music in a new way that hasn’t existed before, highlighting HYBE’s musical paths that the company, its artists and fans have created together.” It added, “It’s going to be a special space where artists and fans communicate based on music, expanding musical experience.”

Visitors can also use the museum’s “Artist Docent” service where they can listen to the commentary of an exhibition through the recorded real voice of the artists. The museum also features a unique shop.

Advance reservations can be made on the official homepage here or the HYBE INSIGHT mobile app.

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