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HYBE EDU Launches ‘TALK! with BTS’

HYBE EDU Launches ‘TALK! with BTS’

HYBE EDU has launched Talk! with BTS, its new addition in its Learn! KOREAN Series. The new program will allow users to learn Korean vividly through real-life conversation simulations and the actual voices of the BTS members. Pre-order is now available on the Weverse Shop here.

Talk! with BTS is HYBE EDU’s third Korean learning package following Learn! KOREAN with BTS that features basic expressions in Korean and Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN with which people can learn the fundamentals like Korean vowels and pronunciations. With the new release, the Learn! KOREAN Series will have a full introductory, beginner, and intermediate-level Korean language education curriculum.

Set in a college background, Talk! with BTS consists of 12 chapters each with its own various situations that can be experienced from the perspective of the main character “Bora,” an exchange student at a Korean university. The BTS members appear as professors, department seniors, friends, etc. allowing the user to learn Korean through conversations between Bora and the characterized members of BTS.

The BTS members recorded their character’s dialogue for learners to listen and shadow (read along) with the conversations in the textbook, allowing for a more vivid and immersive learning experience. Conversations can be heard using HYBE EDU’s “MotiPen,” and animation videos that help the student prepare and review lessons can be viewed after scanning QR codes with a smartphone. Shadowing videos that allow the student to practice textbook dialogue as if they were real-life conversations can also be accessed through these QR codes.

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The ‘Talk! with BTS’ package includes two textbooks divided by semesters 1 and 2, a DIY student ID card for learners to write their own names and attach their photo, a pocket book to review expressions, a board game “Bora Marble,” Hangeul keyboard stickers, and a limited edition BTS MotiPen sticker as a special gift. The package comes in two editions: Global (English version) and Japan (Japanese version).

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