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Hulvey Releases Debut Album ‘Christopher’

Hulvey Releases Debut Album ‘Christopher’


Hulvey has released his highly anticipated debut album Christopher. To build anticipation for the album, opened up to This Is Me TV for his personal documentary Where Do I Belong? and dropped the music video for the single “Can’t Tell It All.”

Directed by Jonny Clay “Can’t Tell it All” shot in and around Atlanta. When speaking about the song, Hulvey says, “‘The Can’t Tell It All’ video is my favorite one I’ve done yet, because how it captures the grit but also the heart of my music. I love how I go from the dark shots to being in a bamboo forest. The video makes the song even better. Shoutout to Jonny Clay for making it happen.”

Christopher takes listeners through 22-year-old’s life, the journey of being an adolescent teen in high school, to seeing the importance of community and mentorship and the freedom and deliverance he received through Christ over some of his internal hardships including anxiety.

“I started breaking free of all my anxiousness, so many anxious thoughts and worries that I have struggled with for years, and so I wrote about it,” shares Hulvey. “As dark as 2020 was for people, for me personally, I found beauty and peace within it.”

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The project features guest appearances by Lecrae, SVRCINA, Andy Mineo, and BigBreeze. Pushing musical influences aside, the new music pouring out of Hulvey lyrically and sonically, reveals his true authentic self; embracing his hip-hop and pop background.

Christopher is the follow-up full-length project to his EP BRKNHRT that released in 2020 giving listeners a taste of what to expect from the breakout artist. Since his initial music introduction last year, the versatile artist has grown a great deal since the world was introduced to him last year, but within that time he has grown personally and spiritually. He has a lot to say and wants to share it.

 “I have a passion: I wanted people to experience God. People are hungry for hope and right now is the time to usher people into God, He is hope. He is the answer.”

Track Listing for Christopher:

  1. Can’t Tell It All
  2. Back in the Wick
  3. Reasons (Feat. Lecrae & SVRCINA)
  4. 9th Grade
  5. Cold Nights
  6. Where the Love Go (feat. Big Breeze)
  7. 912 Tap In
  8. Holy Spirit
  9. Eternal
  10. We Against the World (Feat. Andy Mineo)
  11. Nothing Without Jesus
  12. Washed in the Blood
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