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Hong Kong Disneyland to Shut Down Again on July 15

Hong Kong Disneyland to Shut Down Again on July 15

  • Hong Kong Disneyland will be closing its doors again on July 15.

Hong Kong Disneyland is closing again starting on July 15 as a new wave of COVID-19 cases have been confirmed.

“As required by the government and health authorities in line with prevention efforts taking place across Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland park will temporarily close from July 15.”

Officials looked at the latest confirmed cases, which have been reported to be under 100, within the last month. But no official number has been given.

Hong Kong Disneyland first closed in January when the outbreak first was reported. It reopened less than a month ago on June 18 and will be the first Disney park in the world to close for a second time due to the pandemic.

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There is no way of knowing yet how other Disney parks will handle cases rising. Walt Disney World in Florida began phased reopenings on July 11 although the state has had some of the highest numbers in the country. Disneyland in California had proposed to open on July 17, but without approval by the state, its reopening was postponed. Its shopping and dining district, Downtown Disney reopened on July 9

As of right now, no other park that is already open has announced plans to shut down again.

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