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Hispanic Star Releases New Book, ‘Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power’

Hispanic Star Releases New Book, ‘Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power’

Hispanic Star has officially released their new book, Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power. Curated by Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of New York-based diversity, inclusion, and equity nonprofit, We Are All Human (WAAH) Foundation, the book features personally authored stories from over 90 Hispanics who are making an impact in their sectors and industries, from CEOs to small business owners. It also includes a preface from award-winning artist, producer, and entrepreneur Fonseca and was made possible by award-winning entrepreneur and author Jacqueline S. Ruiz.

“We have to be proud of ourselves and what we’ve done, because what we do generates positive effects in this beautiful country,” Fonseca wrote in the book’s preface. “That’s why we have to see ourselves as stars that shine together as one. I really celebrate this amazing book because our Hispanic community stories deserve to be seen, heard and valued.” 

With 2020 coming to an end, now is a time to reflect on and recognize the numerous contributions the Hispanic community has made to the United States. As part of this effort, Hispanic Stars Rising aims to share the experiences of the nation’s many strong and resilient Hispanic people, showcasing their diverse backgrounds, challenges, and contributions. It shines a light on the beauty to be found in this fundamentally American community, which is often overlooked or negatively portrayed.

Several famous Hispanics contributed to the book. Jesus Mantas, senior managing partner, IBM Services wrote “I have been blessed by many great mentors, the hard-working discipline instilled in my upbringing by my family, and my fair share of opportunities. I enjoy paying it forward and helping our Hispanic community thrive…”

Al Riveron, the first-ever Hispanic NFL referee, also contributed to it, saying “I spent the majority of my college officiating career in the Big East and Conference USA, mostly as a referee. In 2002, I was approached to officiate for NFL Europe and then in 2004, I was hired as an NFL side judge. That’s when I became the first Hispanic to officiate in the NFL. (…) The road throughout my life was never easy and sometimes it seemed extremely long. I found success in seizing opportunities…you should never let an opportunity pass you by. Always remind yourself if not now, when?”

“The Hispanic community represents hard workers and difference-makers,” said author and curator Claudia Romo Edelman, who also wrote the book’s forward.”We are resilient, and our stories deserve to be told. ‘Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power’ is a platform that showcases these stories – the obstacles, the successes – from our diverse community. Throughout my journey, I’ve met the most amazing people, role models and leaders, from the youngest child to the most experienced executive. All are Hispanic Stars and all are ready to shine.”

Hispanics contribute so much to America, and it is time for others to see just how beautiful and resilient they can be. This book aims to show that every Hispanic is a star in their own way, highlighting how the power of their heritage and background has given many successful Hispanics the strength and passion they needed to achieve their goals.

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“Our stories are the window to the world,”said Jacqueline S. Ruiz, Fig Factor Media Publishing CEO, award-winning entrepreneur, pilot and author of 24 books. “Storytelling is the greatest gift we can give, as it creates a legacy. It is an honor to be the publisher of this anthology and share the amazing stories of these 92 Hispanic stars.”

Hispanic Stars Rising: The New Face of Power is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Following the book launch, the first-ever Virtual Hispanic Jam will take place on November 10 and 11 to further explore best practices and solutions to make Hispanics shine. Key insights and outcomes from the Jam will be presented at We Are All Human’s Hispanic Leadership Summit on December 7-9.

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