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Hillsong Young & Free’s ‘All of My Best Friends’ is Finally Here

Hillsong Young & Free’s ‘All of My Best Friends’ is Finally Here

While you thought you might have heard the whole album from the several single releases, Hillsong Young & Free‘s new album All of My Best Friends is finally out with more to listen to.

All of My Best Friends goes back to the band’s upbeat style that they are known for yet updated to feel fresh. Despite the fact that they were told III wasn’t “youth-y enough,” I will make the case for the album because it was raw and emotional and sometimes youth need that because life is not all about the hype.

The new album reaches a new generation of youth and caters to the sounds of today. “Indescribable,” “Everything I Could Want,” and “Need Your Love” modernize praise songs and are some of the best in the album. While “Lord Send Revival” is still the standout for the worship tracks, “All of My Life” is a great contender along with the previously released “Uncomplicated.”

The album is a solid release for the band. With four full-length albums under their belt, including the Grammy-nominated Youth Revival, Hillsong Young & Free has tightened up their sound and know what works for them.

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All of My Best Friends is now available on music streaming platforms.

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