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‘Hamilton’ Cast and Crew Share Secrets About the Show

‘Hamilton’ Cast and Crew Share Secrets About the Show

  • The cast and crew of 'Hamilton' shared some secrets and fun facts about the show during a live watch party.
'Hamilton' Cast and Crew Share Secrets About the Show

Hamilton has been unleashed on Disney+ and the cast and crew took to Twitter to host a live watch party which had creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, conductor Alex Lacamoire, and more cast and crew sharing secrets about the show.

From stylistic choices to actual historical corrections, take a look at some of the most notable tidbits that were shared during the watch party below.

About adding Hamilton‘s style to the iconic Disney logo:

Clarifying the lyrics sung by John Laurens/Phillip in the opening song:

Renée Elise Goldsberry shares about the wigs in the show:

Alex Lacamoire shared how Rory O’Malley took off to allow Jonathan Groff to return and reprise the role of King George:

Miranda’s wife Vanessa Nadal shares how she boos at performances when he kisses someone on stage:

David Korins shared why the champagne glasses don’t fall off the trays:

Miranda and his wife share about the song “Dear Theodosia” and the meaning behind it:

Miranda shared that Daveed Diggs improvised lines in “What’d I Miss”:

Historian Joanne Freeman shares about what really happened with Phillip Hamilton’s duel:

Freeman also shared about how Jefferson’s election happened:

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