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grentperez Shares the New Track ‘My Heart It Beats For You’

grentperez Shares the New Track ‘My Heart It Beats For You’

grentperez has shared the heartwarming new track “My Heart It Beats For You.” Listen to the song here.

The song stems from an unexpected collaboration with fans. He explained: “My Heart It Beats For You ‘was initially created live on Twitch, where I started the song and the chat would type out some lyrics that they thought fit. I hand picked a few and their contributions which made up the second verse, ‘And when the sun sleeps at night…’. 

This song in particular has a special place in my heart. Melodically it feels very warm and stable, very subtly swaying you around like a gentle rock of a boat, while the lyrics somewhat fade from image to image like you’re recollecting memories and feelings that never happened. MYHIBFY was heavily inspired by the likings of Lionel Richie, Norah Jones, and Don McLean’s Vincent, to name a few and I hope that can be pronounced in the production of the song.”

grentperez has making music from his childhood bedroom over the last few years and already racked up tens of millions of streams with his “Sing U to Sleep” YouTube series. He recently released “Cherry Wine,” which has topped over a million streams and taking the Spotify Viral charts by storm including the number 1 spot in Singapore!

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Born in Australia, Grant grew up as the youngest of three kids in a Filipino family. Raised on a diet of The Eagles, The Beatles, and Queen thanks to his dad before moving onto the likes of Musiq Soulchild. As soon as he received his first nylon string acoustic he taught himself Jeremy Passion’s “Lemonade,” learning chords, shapes, and plucking patterns. At the end of 2013, he launched his YouTube channel which currently sits at almost half a million subscribers.

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