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GLASWING Unveils New Single ‘Yesterday, I Lost a Day’

GLASWING Unveils New Single ‘Yesterday, I Lost a Day’

GLASWING (Aaron Marsh of Copeland) has unveiled his latest single, “Yesterday, I Lost a Day.”

“‘Yesterday, I Lost a Day” is about not taking the good days for granted,” shares Marsh. Even when they seem mundane, even when things get repetitive, a closer look at the things that make life great can make all the difference.” 

“Yesterday, I Lost A Day,” which follows previous single “When You’re Smiling My Way,” will be featured on GLASWING’s forthcoming EP, due out in 2021.

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Aaron Marsh is a singer, songwriter, musician and record producer from Florida. He first gained prominence as the lead singer, guitarist and pianist for the indie rock band Copeland, who formed in 2000. Marsh has since gone on to numerous production projects, co-producing his own band’s studio albums alongside either Matt Goldman or Aaron Sprinkle, as well as producing The Myriad’s You Can’t Trust a Ladder, the Be Fair EP by the band Estates and The Positives by Person L.

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