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Glades Returns With New Single ‘Vertigo’

Glades Returns With New Single ‘Vertigo’

The Aussie pop band Glades is making their return with their new single “Vertigo.” This is the lead single from their forthcoming album Planetarium.

“Vertigo” is a dizzy, fun song that captures the band’s strengths but also showcases how their music is maturing. It’s going to be a song that sets the precedent for their new album. “Vertigo” was a good choice. It’s familiar to the bands style but fresh leaving fans wanting more.

Lead vocalist Karina Savage told Billboard, “It’s a warning to a friend who’s trying to pursue someone who’s emotionally unavailable and has a history of breaking hearts. Despite what’s going on in the world we still wanted to continue to share music. I’ve been dancing around the house to this song. For us creating and listening keeps us sane in isolation and we hope our art can bring you joy in this time, too.”

This is Glades first music since their first full-length album To Love You was released in 2018. The band quickly gained popularity with songs like “Do Right” and “Her (Loving You).”

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The band’s second album, Planetarium, due out later this year.

Listen to “Vertigo” below.

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