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Get to Know Asher Monroe: Q&A

Get to Know Asher Monroe: Q&A

Asher Monroe kicked off 2021 with his new single “Midnight Masquerade,” a track which he explains, “A position of power is to be upheld with dignity, grace and honour. A voice of reason who mediates the hearts and minds of its people. Not a dictator who only relishes in their own glory. ‘Midnight Masquerade’ is about putting an end to the foolish and folly narcissistic minds and unveiling the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Monroe has already been making his mark in the industry and has collaborated with artists including Ryan Tedder, Akon, Chris Brown and Sean Kingston and His previous song “Hush Hush” had reached the top 10 of the Billboard Dance Chart.

Monroe is entering a new era and listeners will be able to hear music that will inspire them to a new level. His new album Windows of Time will release soon.

How would you explain your latest single “Midnight Masquerade” to someone who is listening to your music for the first time?

Asher Monroe: I would say ‘Midnight Masquerade’ is an orchestral pop anthem with cinematic tones and story driven lyrics.

What are some themes you wish to communicate with others through your music?

Monroe: Courage, Self-Discovery and Thought-provoking.

What does your creative and production process look like?

Monroe: My creative and production process is always different. It’s been very dependent on where I was at in my life socially, mentally and spiritually. I used to co-write a lot but now I’ve been enjoying immersing myself melodically and lyrically 100%, trying to push the boundaries each time. I wear a lot of hats when it comes to the production side as I engineer most of my sessions, track or play instruments depending on what’s needed and let the creative process flow depending on what the song’s need.

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Have you learned anything about yourself or experienced anything during quarantine that has impacted your upcoming music?

Monroe: Absolutely! I’ve learned how to be a better cook, for sure! Learning that as much as we want to control every aspect of life, Sometimes you have to let go and find the positive in every situation. The quarantine has definitely allowed me to focus more on piano and zone into the type of lyrics I want to write about that are meaningful and impactful.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album?

Monroe: I think people that listen can expect a whole new Asher. What I’m about to release to the world is completely different than anything else I’ve ever released. I also think people will be pleasantly surprised by how different it will sound compared to the music I’ve released in the past. It’s an upgraded evolution of my sound.

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