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Get to Know Anna Thompson and Her Debut EP ‘Centerpiece’

Get to Know Anna Thompson and Her Debut EP ‘Centerpiece’

Anna Thompson

Rising star Anna Thompson is ready to embark on a new journey with her debut EP Centerpiece. With a viral song on TikTok already under her belt, Thompson’s latest single “Dreams About Him” will introduce listeners to her personal sound set to put her on the map.

“Dreams About Him” came to life from Thompson’s personal experience and spurred the theme for the rest of the EP. The seven-track EP features her previously released track “Telepathically,” “Like That,” and her TikTok viral song “Get Me High.” Centerpiece marks the next step in her career.

Get to know more about Thompson below and listen to Centerpiece on music streaming platforms.

Vacancy Magazine: How would you explain your latest single “Dreams About Him” to someone who is listening to your music for the first time?

Anna Thompson: “Dreams About Him” is the catalyst to the whole EP. I wrote Dreams About Him after having several recurring dreams about an ex-boyfriend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in several years. I was in a relationship that I wasn’t very happy in at the time, so I wrote this song to cope with the guilt I felt about my subconscious being tainted with another person. Mere days after writing the song, said ex-boyfriend DM’d me on Instagram. I didn’t open it for months, but once my relationship ended, I replied, and we reconnected. I wrote the rest of the EP about us reconnecting- us progressing from casually talking again, being in a serious relationship with each other.

Vacancy Magazine: What was it like to work on your debut EP Centerpiece?

Thompson: Working on my first EP was a very special experience. After losing the resources I had from working with a label, I had a hard time figuring out how to make music independently, and more importantly, who to make it with. In August of last year, I managed to connect with an incredible group of artists and producers. A few of us clicked instantly, and we just couldn’t stop making records. It was such a relief to finally have the team I needed to create what I wanted. In terms of writing the project, it sort of wrote itself as my personal love story proceeded. I didn’t need to try. I was just so inspired by everything I was experiencing. Those are my favorite times to write.

Vacancy Magazine: Did you expect the amount of attention “Get Me High” received?

Thompson: I definitely didn’t expect the attention Get Me High received. In fact when I wrote it, I never intended on recording the song let alone releasing it. I often take  videos of myself during the writing process to take note of where things are as they change. The video I took of Get Me High was full of incorrect chords and lyrics. I decided to post it to my TikTok anyways, after not having posted in a while. I was shocked to see it had 10k likes the next day. It would’ve been stupid not to take advantage of that and put it out. I took it to Jake Crocker, and we rushed the release as quickly as possible. My goal for my first release was 10k streams. Seeing it surpass that within a mere 2 days was surprising, and encouraging to me. I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

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Vacancy Magazine: Have you learned anything about yourself or experienced anything during quarantine that has impacted your music?

Thompson: The pandemic impacted me greatly. I took quarantine very seriously. Initially, I didn’t see anybody outside of my household for 3 and a half months. I actually enjoyed the alone time. It gave me time to reflect on myself, and my relationships. I also had the time to write nearly every day. It was a very constructive experience, and it changed me for the better.

Vacancy Magazine: What can listeners expect from you this year and any upcoming music?

Thompson: I haven’t stopped writing and recording since finishing my EP, so lots more music is to be expected this year. I’m so excited for everybody to hear it.

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