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Gaby Natale Becomes First Latina Author Signed by HarperCollins Leadership

Gaby Natale Becomes First Latina Author Signed by HarperCollins Leadership

Three-time Emmy winning journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur Gaby Natale is breaking barriers by becoming the first Latina to be published by HarperCollins Leadership. Her book The Virtuous Circle will hit stands on January 5, 2021.

“I believe that every time we pioneer, we move the world forward. This door I am about to open is not just for me. It is a door that I hope will be there for many others, especially those who feel that their voices are misrepresented, or underrepresented”, explains Natale.

By partnering with HarperCollins Leadership, Natale is the first Hispanic author to join an impressive roster of bestselling names including John C. Maxwell and Rachel Hollis, among others.

“Gaby Natale has been a trailblazer throughout her career and she is the kind of leader and motivator that we love to showcase at HarperCollins Leadership,” said Jeff James, vice president and publisher. “Readers from all walks of life will benefit from her wisdom and example on how to define and achieve their purpose.”

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The Virtuous Circle not only gleans the road-to-success stories of newsmakers across the globe but also Natale’s improbable path from unemployment in her native Argentina to becoming an Emmy winning media personality and entrepreneur in the United States.

“We have a responsibility to push boundaries. That is why I have been so intentional in being the narrator of my own audiobook. I want every little girl out there to know that leaders can come in every color, size, age, nationality… and accent. Diversity is beautiful!”, explains Natale who will pioneer by becoming one of the few foreign-born authors to narrate their book in English.

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