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Gabby Barrett Releases New Album ‘Goldmine’

Gabby Barrett Releases New Album ‘Goldmine’

  • Gabby Barrett releases her debut album 'Goldmine.'
Gabby Barrett Releases New Album 'Goldmine'

Platinum-certified artist Gabby Barrett  has released her debut album Goldmine which features her his song “I Hope.”

Barrett is making her mark in the country world with “I Hope” already surpassing 150 million streams combined across Spotify and YouTube, reached No.1 on the U.S. Country Radio Airplay charts and is the youngest artist to do so with a debut single in over two decades, and peaking at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. Setting her up to be a likely nominee for Best New Artist for next year’s Grammy Awards.

Goldmine highlights Barrett’s vocals and songwriting talents. Co-writer of twelve of the project’s thirteen songs, it proves that Barrett can express both deeply personal stories and universally relatable emotions.

“It feels like a dream,” beams Barrett. “I’ve wanted to put out an album since I was 11-years-old and decided that country music was what I would aspire to do for the rest of my life. So to see it come to life today just the way I dreamed is such a huge blessing. Thank you to everyone who inspired, worked on and supported this album from beginning to now – I really do feel like it’s my own little ‘goldmine’ and I am so grateful. I hope you love it as much as I do!” 

The album features two versions of “I Hope” one featuring Charlie Puth.

“With Charlie being on this track, it changes the perspective of the song. When I wrote it I was writing from a woman’s perspective, and so with him being on it, it kind of shows the men’s perspective too. That both sides get cheated on and it’s not just a one-sided thing,” said Barrett.
Puth added, “I fell in love with the song when I first heard it, and to be able to reimagine it with Gabby and the writers and producers and take it to a new place, is really exciting.”

The album has a mix of songs including the love ballad with “Hall of Fame” to her joyous and romantic second hit single “The Good Ones’ which already hit 40 million+ streams.

Goldmine was produced by the Grammy-nominated Ross Copperman and Zach Kale, with additional production from Jimmy Robbins, Sam Martin, and Bryan Fowler on select tracks.

Goldmine is now available on music streaming platforms.

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