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EXO’s Lay Releases Digital EP ‘EAST’

EXO’s Lay Releases Digital EP ‘EAST’

EXO‘s Lay has released his solo digital EP 東 (EAST) along with the title track “飛天 (Flying Apsaras).” Find the EP across music platforms here.

This EP contains 4 songs that Lay personally planned and produced with the concept of going on a journey of the heart to reflect on himself.

The title song “飛天 (Flying Apsaras)” is a pop song with low bass and a tight trap hi-hat sound. The lyrics contain the spirit and aspiration to move forward to the end to realize the dream of music.

Lay had recently given fans a taste of the EP with the release of “三昧真火 (Samadhi Real Fire).” The song is a trap song sung with the rapper GALI. Expressing his will not to lose his original intention even in the midst of trials, “苦行僧 (Ascetic Monk),” a dark atmosphere metaphorically about the asceticism of the heart, and a cheerful electronic R&B song “牧童 (The Shepherd Boy).”

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Earlier this year, Lay joined his EXO group members for their latest comeback Don’t Fight the Feeling. He released his own solo PRODUCER in February 2020, which he also composed and produced on his own.

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