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EXO’s Baekhyun Finds His Own Color with New Album ‘BAMBI’

EXO’s Baekhyun Finds His Own Color with New Album ‘BAMBI’

EXO’s Baekhyun Finds His Own Color with New Album ‘BAMBI’

What Baekhyun crafted for himself is a lingering legacy as a top soloist and timeless artist with the release of his new mini-album, BAMBI. Accentuated by his honeyed powerhouse vocals, the new collection of songs finds the EXO member channel a matured musical palette with R&B at his core and sincere conversations rooted in love for his latest solo endeavor that echoes of a “30-year-old Baekhyunee.”

Leading with “Bambi,” the new mini-album features six songs that include “Privacy,” “Cry For Love,” “Love Scene,” “Amusement Park,” and “All I Got.” Baekhyun’s latest offering blossoms with the help and participation from global hitmakers KENZIE, British producing team LDN Noise, R&B emerging artists Tone Stith, singer/songwriters Colde and SAAY, and producing duo Royal Dive among other gifted musicians.

In particular, longtime collaborator DEEZ worked on the title track “Bambi,” a track that Baekhyun says to be “almost 150% more different than ‘Candy,’ you might be totally surprised.” The popular composer previously collaborated with Baekhyun on the chart-topping single “Candy,” and on “Diamond” for his first solo debut mini-album, City Lights.

Attached to the new release comes a music video for “Bambi.” With the individuality of a genuine romantic and that of a genius idol, Baekhyun delivers a visual with a contributing treatment of his own to complete the story.

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With BAMBI, Baekhyun has already set a new personal milestone by recording over 830,000 pre-orders of his new mini-album, a follow-up to his million-seller EP, Delight. Pre-order your physical copy from SM Global Shop here or via Music Plaza here.

BAMBI is out now via SM Entertainment. Stream and download the mini-album on major music streaming platforms here and watch the highly anticipated music video for “Bambi” below.

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