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EXO Shares Dose of Positivity, Reassurance, and Summer Vibes with ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’

EXO Shares Dose of Positivity, Reassurance, and Summer Vibes with ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’

EXO Shares Dose of Positivity, Reassurance, and Summer Vibes with ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’

Industry icon EXO has returned with a special album, a new release after a year and six months since Obsession. The K-Pop supergroup released Don’t Fight the Feeling on June 7 via SM Entertainment. A gift to fans and sure ear candy for casual listeners, the eagerly anticipated project renders the perfect summer soundtrack with a five-track collection. While leaning on their hypnotic dance-pop pedigree and nimble mix of hip-hop, R&B, and the occasional swoon-worthy ballad, with Don’t Fight the Feeling, EXO brings comforts with a fresh narrative of freedom, reassurance, self-confidence, and steadfast appreciation.

The mega-hit powerhouse opens the album with the title track “Don’t Fight the Feeling.” Written by hitmaker KENZIE, the song is met by the members’ charismatic charm and coveted vocal prowess. Musically and lyrically, the song conveys a carpe diem sentimentality, a message urging you to live in the moment by trusting your instincts and taking each opportunity given. “Don’t Fight the Feeling” is a song that can be described as “freedom, instinct, and speeding,” said Kai in a special message on Spotify.

In particular, the title track finds the special participation of member LAY, who is active in a myriad of solo activities in China. Along with the release of the special album, EXO premiered a music video for the title track that further expands on their crafted vast universe, an origins saga, while highlighting the distinct visuals, powers, and talents of each member. Stream the music video here or watch it below.

At the core of the set, the addictive B-side track “파라다이스 (Paradise)” cleverly hooks a catchy melody to parallel the state of being in love. With the retro mid-tempo pop song “훅! (No Matter),” the group delivers the encouraging message that it is okay to give yourself a break from one’s busy lifestyle. “Firstly, the moment you listen to this song, you’ll melt because it’s too sweet. Also, you’ll fall for its funky vibes,” admits Kai. On the heels of “No Matter,” the R&B pop track “Runaway” features EXO’s impressive vocal harmony and inspires one to run towards a new start to get away from the present barring reality.

The album reaches its climax with the closing track “지켜줄게 (Just as Usual).” Xiumin shares that the song is a “really meaningful one.” D.O. adds, “We put our hearts into it, conveying the feelings we have for our EXO-L in this song.” The acoustic pop song bares a heartwarming promise that EXO will be by our side wherever and whenever.

As of June 6, EXO has achieved a new personal record and career milestone by recording over 1.22 million album pre-orders for Don’t Fight the Feeling, becoming the second artist to achieve this feat and breaking the coveted million-seller barrier for the sixth time. Stream and download the special album Don’t Fight the Feeling on your preferred platform here and order your physical copy in various versions here.

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Don’t Fight the Feeling was first announced in early April when the group was commemorating EXO’s ninth anniversary since their debut. Fostered as a special album, the group imparts new charms in line with the summer season and departs from their usual winter warmth conveyed through their previously released special albums, such as Miracles In December, Sing For You, For Life, and Universe.

Launched with an unmatched concept and a distinct creative approach that expands on the happenings after THE WAR: The Power of Music’s “Power,” the group released a series of interconnecting teasers, along with a VR Exhibit, a space-based EXO-Ship Saga game, and the second season of EXO’s Arcade to herald the comeback.

The Seoul-based group’s record-shattering success, unmatched talent, powerhouse authority, and global popularity is proven across their distinct music catalog and mega-hits from each album the act releases. Despite being on hiatus due to members actively serving in the military, the group continues to find affection and success from fans worldwide and has found widespread support for units and solo activities. Currently, the members are found co-hosting various variety shows, premiering blockbuster films, co-starring in dramas, leading musicals, releasing million-seller solo albums, and among other endeavors to await.

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