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EXO D.O.’s Debut Album ‘Empathy’ is Art and Emotion

EXO D.O.’s Debut Album ‘Empathy’ is Art and Emotion


If you need a lover, let me know and let me in / I could treat you better / Steal you roses everyday sings EXO’s D.O. as he leans on the power of empathy and love for his first solo endeavor.

With Empathy, the multi-hyphenated artist renders a six-track collection of songs and melodies permeated with his worldview and genuine intention to comfort listeners through emotions of love, appreciation, and serenity. Feeling most comfortable with an acoustic soundscape, D.O.’s first mini-album leans on acoustic pop and sweet vocals to deliver heartfelt lyrics, some of which he wrote.   

Imbued with a fresh love story and the courage to confess one’s feelings, the album opens with the title track “Rose.” In particular, the acoustic folk title track attests to D.O.’s songwriting abilities and the quality of artistry to expect with the project. D.O. also had his hand in writing “I’m fine,” a track meant to heal the listener in the same vein as his previous single track “That’s Okay.”

The romantic love song “I’m Gonna Love You” features Wonstein and D.O.’s vocal chemistry. “My Love” continues the amorous feelings by expressing the scenery you see when you walk with your lover as love. In an expression of gratitude and sympathy, D.O. sings about the appreciation and wishes for the father who looked at him in “My Father (Dad).”

Empathy also features, “It’s Love,” a Latin-based acoustic pop song that contains sincere thoughts about love. The Spanish version “Si Fueras Mía,” is available on the album rounding out the eight tracks.

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With Empathy, D.O. is able to showcase the warm vocals listeners have heard in EXO but also captivates new audiences as they embrace the charm within each song.

Find Empathy here and watch the music video for “Rose” below.

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